Toke is Smoke's lost brother. Smoke helped his younger brother escape when the Lin Kuei warriors were converted to cyberprostitutes. Toke fled to the Netherlands and hid in a basement in Amsterdam. Over time, he grew to enjoy a visit to the local coffeeshops and found that he gained unimaginable powers with every puff he took of his mighty joint. Emitting a slightly paralysing and highly pleasant smoke, Toke became a feared enemy to the Lin Kuei...

Behind The Mop
The name of Toke originally appeared in a list of name parodizing those of MK characters, in a post by FatSatan. Toke would have disappeared after that, but dominosr salvaged the name and made a green pot-ninja for it that grew out to be one of the most popular characters.

Toke's bio

Toke's Puff Puff Pass Fatality

Announcer sound clip

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