"John's back, and this time... he's out to mop some ass."
They are all out for revenge... they all want John dead... they'll do whatever it takes to see him fail...

Things finally seem to be working out for John... Then his fiancee is kidnapped, his friends are under attack, and a multitude of villains is trying to catch him. With the aid of Dave the MK Chef and all of his friends, John has a lot of mysteries to unravel... which will lead him to a shocking conclusion. Created by dominosr, this game features:

  • New moves, new move systems, and new fatalities.
  • New characters.
  • More loads of hilarious dialogue.
  • Longer, more complex battle scenes.
  • Hidden passwords for extra goodies.
  • Screenshots from the game; click to enlarge.

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    You will need WinZip to unpack mopologies2.zip.
    Consult the readme.txt after unpacking for further reference.

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