The most Deadly Alliance known to man...
The most Deadly Appliance known to man...

In the upcoming fourth addition to the ever-growing Mopologies series, the Deadly Alliance of Bob Saget and the illustrious Poo Manchu is contructing a weapon of mass destruction... a Deadly Appliance. With this weapon, a soul-sucking hoover, they intend to rule the world... it's up to you to stop them.

Once again you meet up with your favorite characters with stunning new looks; Balzax, Toke, and of course John the MK Janitor. More info on this game as it develops.

Created by dominosr, this game features:

  • New, cartoon-worthy graphics.
  • Loads of washed-up celebrities.
  • A complex, new battle system that rivals MKM:Sub-Zero's.
  • Multiple character quests.

  • Mopologies IV is in production; completion percentage unknown.
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