Most of us like to dream up a game now and then. And eventually you might grow able to actually create them! This particular game hasn't been made (not yet, at least), but you might enjoy reading the storylines anyway.

While Earth's warriors are off fighting Shinnok and his wussies, a terrible tragedy happens on Earth. Patrick Duffy, who has just gained Presidency of the Universe status by rigging the elections, decides to use this moment to conquer Earth realm. To enlarge his army, he makes a pact with two other evil beings - Lucifer, former ruler of the Netherealm, and Scrotums, the evil dogmonster leading an army of Scrotal Forces.
However, not all of Earth's forces stand idle while this army invades the Earth. A number of proud warriors, lead by Balzax, stands in the way of Patrick Duffy's demonic scheme. And so the battle unfolds, as Duffy takes the Earth step by step... closing in on Balzax and his companions.

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