Warrior Bios
Name: Balzax
Weapon: Plain Hammer
Emerging victorious against Shinnok alongside his warriors, Balzax senses the impending doom on Earth when he notices how many more bad TV shows are being re-runned. When he learns that Lucifer has escaped the Netherealm and Scrotums marches his forces into Earth realm, he realises the full capacity of this danger. He quickly gathers his forces and enters Earth realm, to stop his enemies once and for all.

Name: Cutaro
Weapon: Needle
Sulking in the Netherealm for having been defeated by John, Cutaro attempts to cope with his size problem. Lucifer appears before the half-human gummybear and offers him a chance he can't refuse - resurrection so that he may avenge himself on John. Cutaro joins Lucifer's forces as they march into Earth realm, ready to meet Balzax and his forces...

Name: Dave
Weapon: Pan
Cooking a big victory meal for Balzax and his warriors, Dave is alarmed to see a rerun of Step by Step on Fox. He informs Balzax, who realises this is the ancient rerun that is foretold in legends - the one that heralds the return of the nefarious Patrick Duffy. Dave packs his finest silver and cutlery as their forces return to Earth to save it from damnation and bad TV shows...

Name: Patrick Duffy
Weapon: a piece of cellery
Realising he truly is 'over' as far as stardom is concerned, Patrick is furious and devises an evil scheme. Pumping old episodes of Full House into every Network, paralyising all who watch it and subjecting them to a hypnotic message, Duffy manages to win the elections for President of the Universe. He abuses this position to air more bad TV shows and lots of Step by Step. He assembles an army of Olsen twin clones lead by Bob Saget, readying itself to conquer Earth. But, now Duffy must face off against Balzax and his mighty warriors...

Name: Fat Satan
Weapon: Trident
Balzax' general lead his forces in the assault against Shinnok. However, when Fat Satan learns that the evil Duffy has returned, an ancient grudge awakens within him, and he leaves off alone on a crusade to destroy this icon on tasteless television. This leads him right into the hands of Lucifer, who wishes to re-enlist his old warrior... Fat Satan must fight his way out of this mess before he can reach Duffy...

Name: Gayrax
Weapon: Purse
After the Lin Kuei's near destruction, Gayrax becomes vital to them. As Cyrax proves untrustworthy and Sektor is needed to monitor him, Gayrax is sent out to destroy Duffy and his forces. The Lin Kuei hope to get their hands on Earth's TV networks, as to bring back their favorite shows, such as Knightrider, the A-Team, M*A*S*H and Quantum Leap. Will Gayrax forego his love for Stryker to achieve his goals?

Name: Jane
Weapon: Double-mopped mop
The lucious, but deadly Jane was presumed dead when she committed suicide right before John's eyes. But, as these things go in MK, she managed to escape torture in the Netherealm when she was resurrected by Scrotums. The arcane dogsorcerer offered her life in exchange for John's head. Jane gladly accepted and begins her hunt for John...

Name: John
Weapon: Mop
The mighty ninjanitor, and ArchJanitor of Balzax once again proved vital in the destruction of Shinnok and his forces. Returning to his ordinary duties of refreshing Balzax' kitty litter and dusting his 8-track collection, John hears of the terrible ploy Duffy has in store for Earth. He once again stands by Balzax' side as they march back into Earth realm...

Name: Joke
Weapon: Balloon
Thought to have been vanguished long ago, Joke instead resurfaces with his soul restored. Realising he is the evil bitchclown of hell, aka Ronald McDonald, Joke creates himself a group of murderous clownborgs to round up children for a pedophilic scheme. This scheme comes to a halt when Duffy conquers Earth's TV networks and warps the children's minds with bad TV. Joke sets out to destroy Duffy so that he can continue his vile plans.

Name: Lucifer
Weapon: Huge sword
The evil Lucifer took the Netherealm's throne from Shinnok after he left the Netherealm, only to be doing battle with Balzax for it afterwards. Lucifer fled into the depths of the pits and awaited a chance at revenge from there. Rounding up a group of strong warriors, Lucifer makes a pact with Scrotums and Patrick Duffy. A pact which he has no intention of holding up...

Name: Pimpbot 5000
Weapon: Pimp cane
With most of the Lin Kuei destroyed, Pimpbot remains the bitchmaster of the cyberprostitutes. When Duffy takes over TV networks, Pimpbot realises something. Without programs such as VIP, people won't get horny anymore. And without horny people, no profit in the pimping business... Pimpbot sets out to destroy Duffy's tyranny, no matter what it takes.

Name: Scrotums
Weapon: Bone
After his defeat at the hands of Balzax and John, Scrotums retreats shamefully into the wastelands of Outworld. He assembles a new pack of Scrotal warriors, slowly growing into an army. As he taps into the Netherealm for warriors, he comes into contact with Lucifer and Patrick Duffy. Scrotums agrees to their plans, for as long as it suits him...

Name: Sfinktor
Weapon: TP
His old soul awakening, Sfinktor realises who he once was - Kanus, a feared criminal. He rounds up the old members of his former Black Colon Clan and automates them, creating his personal army: the Special Feces. As Duffy seeks out warriors on Earth, Sfinktor joins him as a general. Sfinktor hopes to return his clan to its old state of power...

Name: Toke
Weapon: Joint
Though he barely realises it, Toke proves vital in Shinnok's defeat. When Balzax rounds up his warriors to quickly return to Earth, Toke doesn't actually understands everything until a few hours later. He hurries calmly to Earth, where he falls into a trap set by Patrick Duffy. Toke escapes Duffy's dungeons and begins a lone battle with the evil forces...

Name: Whoro
Weapon: Handheld mirror
The dreaded Whoro flees into Outworld when Shao Kahn is defeated. There the half-human crossdresser meets Scrotums, Balzax' nemesis. Scrotums promises Whoro to make John love him, even though he has secretely dispatched Jane to kill him. Whoro joins Scrotums' army, but what he will do when he finds out Scrotums' true plans with John, no one knows...

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