Some call it the greatest game that was never made. Actually, that's just us.

It all started when Brandogg got himself the Mortal Kombat 4 texture extraction program MK4Strip. A lot of people had already made new stages or characters with this tool, but he decided to take things one step further... making a complete MK4 conversion, the very first Mortal Kombat mod: Mortal Kombat 4.5. In time, FatSatan, dominosr, kryptondog and grim-reaper joined this project. The popularity of this project inspired dozens of other people to start making mods of their own. In the meantime, MK4.5 had gained a colorful cast of characters from the Mopologies series, new stages, new effects, and more and more details were being changed about the game's look.

Unfortunately, progress began to slow down to a crawl. Lack of time and eventually lack of interest caused the MK4.5 team to decide on leaving the project unfinished. Still, it would be a shame to let all the work go to waste. And so, this page was created to give you an insight on the various modifications MK4.5 made to regular old MK4. Not only that - for the first time, you can download the files needed to turn your MK4 into MK4.5 (though incomplete).

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