So, MK4.5 is not complete... and never will be. Still, a lot of the game was already modified, and you might want to check it out still. That is why we gathered up all the texture files still available and bundled them in MK4.5 Kondensed. Download the zip file and read the instructions for further reference. Note: You need both MK4 for PC and MK4Strip installed on your computer! More about that in the enclosed instructions document.

What has been modified in MK4.5 Kondensed?

Noob Saibot:
Liu Kang:

Snake Stage:
Elder Stage:
Wind Stage:
Ice Stage:
Prison Stage:
changed to Whoro
changed to John
changed to Patrick Duffy
changed to FatSatan
changed to Jugs
changed to Toke
changed to Gayrax
changed to Joke
changed to Jane
changed to Pimpbot 5,000
changed to Sfinktor

changed to Jiggly Room
changed to Torture Chamber
changed to Balzax' World
changed to Shitter
changed to Pimp Palace
C2, C3
C1, C2
C1, C2, C3, VS
C1, C2
C1, C2, VS
C1, C2, C3
C1, C2
C1, C2, C3

C1=Primary Costume, C2=Secondary Costume, C3=Alternate Costume, VS=VS screen pose

Miscellaneous changes
VS screen, Lifebars, Hell tunnel (end sequence), Spinning dragon logo (start sequence), Copyright message, Meat (made invisible), Movelist screen background, Destiny towers, Select screen, plus many more small changes (altered projectiles, different weapons).

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