"You're a giant talking cat, and you've got a lot of scores to settle..."
In an age long forgotten, Balzax was ruler of the Netherealm. But he was dethroned by the evil Lucifer, and sent hurtling into the future in the form of a baby kitten. Found and adopted by Shao Kahn, but falling from his favor, Balzax turns to the lonely Earth realm - neutered, and bitterly out for revenge.

Balzax' shocking and compelling lifestory is retold through the miracle of Flash. You will stand by the giant cat from the moment of his exile from the Netherealm up to the distant, unknown future... Created by FatSatan, this game features:

  • Fully spoken text, by a cast of voice actors.
  • A variety of minigames, battles and puzzles that help you proceed.
  • Long movie sequences that tell Balzax' story.
  • Hidden passwords for extra goodies.
  • Lots and lots of parodies.

  • Screenshots available in demo.

    View teaser | View demo 320x240 640x480

    You will need WinZip to unpack mopologies3.zip.

    -Begin playing by opening "start.html".-

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