Dave (the MK Chef)

Master cook and Lin Kuei warrior Dave never cared much for the art of theft and murder. Instead, he mastered in the deadly art of barbecue and the elusive style of pasta. His skills both amazed, delighted and confused the greatest warriors of the Earth. But, with creatures from other worlds coming to Earth realm, Dave finds himself a wanted object by the warlord Shao Kahn. He asks Rayden to let him join Earth's forces in this culinary battle. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen...

Behind The Mop
Dave was made by Smoke-Team, someone outside of the regular Mopologies team. The character initially didn't take off very well, but effort was poured into making him more popular, and dominosr gave him an important role for MK Mopologies 2: the Johnicles.

The cyberninjas

Check out Dave in:
Mortal Kombat Mopologies II: the Johnicles
Mortal Kombat Mopologies III: Balzax
Mortal Kombat 4.5
Mortal Kombat Platinum

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