As a 7th generation Lin Kuei Warrior, Sfinktor is the only ninja that ever mastered the use of his sphincter muscle. In this martial art, he is the only master. When entered into the Cyberninja/callboy project, the Lin Kuei automated all but his ass, making sure he would be able to use it even as a cyberprostitute.

Behind The Mop
Sfinktor was created along with Gayrax by FatSatan. Though initially expected to be forgotten, both characters were saved by Brandogg's fake pictures about the two of them.

Sfinktor's Smokescreen

Sfinktor's Fart Blast

The eyes in the background

Sfinktor's human identity: Kanus

The cyberninjas

Sfinktor's MKT ending

More cyberninjas

Sfinktor's Doomsfart Fatality

Announcer sound clip

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