When the Lin Kuei's Automated Prostitution project was implemented, Gayrax was the first to volunteer. In fact, he was so eager, that the clan at first refused to enter him. Gayrax later on still managed to sneak into the program, becoming unit BigGayL-6T9... Gayrax has had many moves and combos. Among them were:
Bottom Pinch (B-F-HK): A mechanical arm extends from Gayrax and pinches his foe in the butt, making them doubt their sexual orientation and leaving them open to a combo.
Queer Wave Punch (D-D-D-R): Gayrax waves at his enemy in a gay manner, confusing them and leaving them open to a combo again.

Behind The Mop
Gayrax was created along with Sfinktor by FatSatan. Though initially expected to be forgotten, both characters were saved by Brandogg's fake pictures about the two of them.

Gayrax' MK1 Gaytality

John deflects Gayrax' love

Gayrax exposes himself

The eyes in the background...

Gayrax, devastated by John's affair

the Cyberninjas

Gayrax' MKT Gaytality

Gaytality animated

The cyberninjas

Announcer sound clip

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