Date: 07/02/04 _____ And Mopologies 2 is back!

New server, new hope! We already thought Mopologies 2 was lost forever, when ACJ discovered he still had it on his hard drive. Glee! The zip file has been re-uploaded and can now be downloaded again from the Mopologies 2 page. Hopefully I can soon re-write and add the readme.txt file to Mopologies 1 and 2 to clarify any possible bugs in the games.


Date: 03/06/03 _____ Mopologies 3 is done!
Yes, after at least a year of development with on-and-off work on the game, Mortal Kombat Mopologies III: Balzax is completed! Well, what's left to say about it... at least one half hour of crappy yet mediocre animation, mini-games and combat starring crazy characters parodizing the Mortal Kombat universe. Next to that, seven secret passwords hidden in the game, giving you access to seven special extras. And let's not forget sound effects, music and fully spoken text! This is definitely the biggest thing in Flash I have ever made, so I hope you enjoy it. Download it now!

Additionally, it's been brought to my attention that the download links for Mopologies 1 and 2 don't work... I'm sorry to say that though I can't explain how, the zip files for both games have disappeared from the site server. I managed to re-upload Mopologies 1 (currently without the explanatory readme.txt), but for the moment, Mopologies 2 is unavailable - until I find someone who has its files on their hard drive. Anyone who does can contact me at the message board or via e-mail (note: do not try to send me Mopologies 2 through e-mail, the files are too big).

One last thing I forgot to update about earlier: a new clip has been added to the Happyin Flash Corner, "Back to Nature". Enjoy!


Date: 11/11/02 _____ Let's hear it for the_Beyonder
Over the past years, a lot of dominosr's first Flash clips were lost, such as his "Many Ways to Kill Stryker and Nightwolf" series. Luckily, we were contacted by the_Beyonder, who had these saved to his hard drive. These clips are now available on the Characters page. Enjoy the oldies! Also, misinformation and broken links have been corrected all over the site. If you come across anything that's not working, let us know!

Note: In the text file enclosed with Mopologies 1, it states that if you choose to stay loyal to Shao Kahn in the end, there is no ending sequence. That's a mistake. When John defeats Balzax and says "Now I'll just make my report to Shao Kahn", don't click the "Next" button. Instead, right-click the screen and click "play". You will now be shown the third ending to Mopologies 1 - if it hangs up at a white screen, right-click and check "play" again.


Date: 11/09/02 _____ We're up and running!

Hello and welcome to the all-new Flash-tacular Mortal Kombat: Mopologies site. As the series is starting to grow and could use more promotion, we've been working on this site as a standalone Mopologies headquarters. You can access info about, and download Mopologies games here, watch clips about various characters, read up on their history, and keep track of the progress of the newest games that are in production. Happy trailing.


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