As you may or may not have read on the page About FM, most of's mighty Champions first met on a little message board known lovingly as AWOS. This is also where the idea of creating a site was coined.

But this old AWOS was situated on the free-forum-providing Aside from security issues, sporadic message deleting and many other derogatory remarks, no self-respecting site would interact with its community in such a way. There's only one way to do this right...

...and that is by creating a forum of our own. The Purple Bunny, ACJ and Krypton Dog have joined forces to create a Mario Van Peebles that's missing a leg, one eye and his bladder. Oh, and a fully customized, new AWOS to interact with our loyal admirers.

But by now you must be wondering about the amazing past of AWOS!

One of the first things that prompted the regulars at AWOS that they had both the skills and the ideas to create their own website, was the sporadically changing graphical theme to the message board. Headers and animated bullets were switched around every week or two.

The first series of headers were largely the same, rotating in color schemes. Note the considerable accent on sodomy.

Theme 1: NES parodies

Theme 2: the Transvestites (Transformers parody)
(missing: "Transvestites - homos in disguise" animation)

Theme 3: the Gaytrix (Matrix parody)

Theme 4: FM "logo" (missing: stupid throbbing brain Flash animation)

During this time, Juns created a series of animated gifs with ripped NES sprites to entertain and unsettle the establishment.

Also during this time, was planned and erected. The AWOS crew made vigorous use of their new webspace to create many new board themes.

An enthusiastic Juns frightens friend and foe after buying a scanner.

Soon, AWOS also began sporting Flash-based headers, allowing sound and interaction.

A nonsensical Flash application featuring Albin, of Albin & the Nigglets, a parody of Alvin & the Chipmunks that has not yet been used to its full potential.

A special Christmas header made by Krypton Dog.

As described on the page About FM, the folk at AWOS occasionally picked fights with other message boards for fun. A few board headers were created for the sole purpose of pissing people off.

This header satirized the header of a rival board. Next to placing "AWOS" over the original board's name, pictures of George W. Bush and George Washington were replaced with respectively a singing William Shatner and "Happyin" wearing a wig. Hover your mouse cursor over the two pictures to hear the powerful patriottic message.

This one falls in the same category, but would take too long to explain. Hover your mouse over "Gilbert" to hear what he's so worked up about.

There you have it, a glimpse into the long and insane history of AWOS. But it's not over yet! When the new AWOS is complete, a new chapter shall begin. Be sure you're there.

If you want to learn more about the origin of AWOS and, read the page About FM.

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