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As I am definitely no longer continuing the comic, I will put up all my sprites here. You are free to use any of these for your own comics or spritework. I'm not going to chase after anyone who doesn't give credit, but please, don't - for instance - stick an ugly little hat on Crash and put your name as the creator of the sprite, I just hate when people do that. Other than that, enjoy the sprites and share the wealth. You'll notice some (read: most) sheets are chaotic, unfinished and sometimes contain unrelated crud. This is because I would edit or add to these sheets every now and then, and I'm not going to format all of them now. And remember there are more sprites and backgrounds in the Downloads section.


Crash version tryouts - Little version comparison from when I was changing Crash to the version you see in the latest comics. Eventually I decided the helm ornament looked better as it was on version 2, and so I left it like that.
Crash, version 1 - The first, ugly version of Crash, lasted 10 comics or so, and later on I went back and inserted version 2 into the first comics. Oh man.
Crash, version 2 - Version 2, used in most comics until recently.
Crash, version 2 (unloaded) - I made an "unloaded" version of Crash's version 2 spritesheet, so I wouldn't have to remove his bombs in situations where he'd just fired them.
Crash, version 3 - Crash's latest version, sheet clearly not yet finished - don't forget those yellow kneepads, I certainly did often enough.
Mini-Crash (Self Esteem citizen) - The little Crashes that Bass encountered during his stay in Crash's Self Esteem.
Crash - Rhino Armor - Crash asserted this form briefly when he took control of his mind again while infected with Clashman's virus.


Bass version tryouts - At one point I tried to bring the comic's style together more by combining the version of Bass that I preferred - Rockman & Forte 32 bit-style - with the overal 16-bit Megaman 7 style of the rest of the comic. It seemed like more trouble than it was worth in the end, so I abandoned it.
Bass (Expanded Rockman & Forte sheet) - Mostly regular Rockman & Forte poses, but with some of my own thrown in, which I used frequently.
Bass in 8-bit - An incomplete 8-bit sheet for Bass, used among other places in the 8-bit flashback sequence when Bass was in Crash's mind.

Frank & Rejected Robots

Frank unfinished sheet - A good deal of work still to do, but always one of my favorite characters to use, because his inability to talk forced me to make visually communicative and diverse sprites.
Frank's Rejected Robots - Sprites from the episode where Bass had to fight Frank's freed robot brethren.
Frank's Room - Frank's room at the lab, empty.
Rejected Robots Archive - Pod and Floor Rejected Robots Archive - Background

Doc Light (Hologram and Robot)

Hologram & Robot Light + Ed - Poses for the hologram and robot, and one pose of Ed. If you're wondering how I made the hologram with scanlines in the comics, I opened the sprite in Paint Shop Pro, set its layer to 50% visibility, duplicated the layer, and erased every second line of pixels on the duplicate.
The Lab - Dr. Light's Lab, where most of the comic took place.
The Lab, lower area - The level where Dr. Light sent Bass into Crash's mind.
The Lab, damaged
The Lab, destroyed
The Lab, Level T - Where Crash retrieved the weapon absorption module per Dr. Light's request.

Dr. Ploppy

Dr. Ploppy - Some poses. I was itching to bring this character back.
Dr. Ploppy's Henchmen - Refer to the comic for their names. First one was a tryout for armored soldiers that would've shown up in the final Flash comic.
Dr. Ploppy's Helicopter - Like the rest of the vehicles really just a color swap.
Dr. Ploppy's Helicopter 2
Dr. Ploppy's Submarine


Botanicks and Moldmaster
Battle Banana - Contains text description of where his bodyparts came from. The dancing banana's in there because I planned to have Battle Banana do it as a victory dance.
Ink Blueberry
Jab Cactus
Laser Carrot
Magma Pepper
Razor Pineapple
Shadow Beet
Thunder Tater


Clashman - Unfinished sheet for Clashman.
Clashman Virus
Clashman Virus, attacking
Clashman Virus, hurt

X's Henchmen

X Drones - Just recolors of enemies from the Megaman X 4-6 series.
Series X Robot Masters - The red crosses indicate they were definitely scrapped to be replaced, the question marks indicate that I was considering it. All were going to be redrawn entirely.

Dr. Wily

Dr. Wily extended sprite sheet - Just a few extra poses, not much.
Dr. Wily's Lab - Color swap of Dr. Light's lab.
Treble Team - Made for a joke filler comic. There's just something irresistable about a group of color-coded lions. Voltreble?


Whisp - I can't count the amount of requests I got for this spritesheet, even though it's nothing more than a badly color-swapped Megaman X in Shadow Armor. I guess most people never played that game.

Leaf Shield

Betsy Rollins - At one point, I considered dropping Crash & Bass to start a comic about these guys.
Cliff Diamond
The Manimal

Tom Light XI

Tom Light XI - Tried out several versions, but the ponytail just wouldn't look right. Miscellaneous characters were meant to be edited into soldiers later on.


Crash's Good Conscience (Megaman)
Crash's Evil Conscience (Dr. Wily)
Both Consciences
Random stuff - Items used in various comics, also the sprites for the Commandments of Sprite Comics.
Roll as The Bride from Kill Bill - User pic on BobandGeorge once.
Megaman "N" - Megaman as seen in the Nintendo-themed cartoon series "Captain N, the Gamesmaster." I actually considered making him a permanent character.
Random stuff 2 - Mostly the same stuff, a few additions and sprites from other games.
NRG (Yellow Devil without legs) - Remember this guy from the first comics? He was supposed to be a permanent character, but it was too much hassle to put him in.
"FREEZE, Crackah!" - Another user pic from BobandGeorge.
Tachyon Gun - Your one-way trip to writing yourself into a corner.
Nintendo Zappers/Lightguns - And yet another user pic from BobandGeorge.

This comic owes a debt of inspiration to Bob and George, the Comic Strip. Spritesheets provided by Sprites Inc. Crashman, Bass, and all characters from the Megaman videogame series are the creative property of Capcom. All original titles, names and material are copyrighted by Nothing from this site may be reproduced without express consent from the creative owners. For more information, contact the author.