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Also known as: Crashman

Ever since he met, and was defeated by Megaman, Crash has secretly desired to be a hero. He managed to escape Dr. Wily's service along with Bass by accidentally leaping into a time warp, that led them 300 years into the future. Now Crash pursues his dream of becoming a superhero, hampered only by his inherent stupidity and the fact that he was built only to explode things, not rescue them from evil.

Also known as: Forte

Bass was sent on a mission to steal something from Dr. Light, when things went awry. Crash, who had unexpectedly joined him, led them both through a time warp in Dr. Light's basement. Nevertheless, Bass welcomed his freedom, and since he vaguely recalled owing his life to Crash, joined him in his efforts to be a crimefighter. In essence, he'll be happy as long as he gets to shoot stuff.

Also known as: A holographic/robotic representation of Doctor Thomas Light

When Crash and Bass moved into an abandoned lab, they soon triggered a hologram activating in the basement, claiming to be a program possessing Dr. Light's memory. He revealed to them that they had not only ended up in the future, but also that their disappearance from the past had indirectly caused a horrible war. He immediately began making a plan to travel back in time and rewrite the future to more positive ends. Unfortunately, his plans have a habit of taking a turn for the worse. Recently, the doc has transferred his program into a robot, so he can move around more.

Also known as: Does-Nothing-In-Particular-Man

Deep in Dr. Wily's fortress is his Rejected Robots Storage Chamber, where he stows away his most useless robots, to remind him of his mistakes. Frank is one of those robots. He can't even talk, so he writes on post-its, and his only weapon is a carrot juice buster. Despite all this, Frank displays a fierce loyalty towards Dr. Wily, and is convinced he was activated to destroy the renegade Wily robots, Crash and Bass. When he followed them back to the lab, Crash took such a liking to the harmless little guy that he named him "Frank" and allowed him to stay. Frank still means to complete his mission though, as was shown when he freed eight other Rejected Robots and sent them against Bass.

Also known as: Gospel

After Bass's disappearance, Treble was no longer of any use to Dr. Wily. It seems that he simply deactivated Treble and left him stored away in a far corner of his fortress. Treble's programming would cause him to activate a distress signal in case Bass came within a certain range. That signal would have been activated when Bass finally visited Dr. Wily's fortress again, but due to the long period of time in which Treble was inactive, it took his signal some time to activate. Reunited with Bass, Treble can merge with him in the form of the Treble Boost, giving Bass access to more firepower and the ability to fly.

Also known as: Eddie, Flip-Top

Eddie used to be a small support unit to Megaman, and would deliver him items and energy tanks. When the war with X turned for the worse, however, Dr. Light constructed a powerful combat armor fitted for Eddie. Before the doctor abandoned his lab to escape capture or death, he posted Ed on one of the lower levels of his lab to defend his battle factory from falling into X's hands. Fortunately, X retreated before things would come that far. Ed wasn't fully activated until Crash visited the lower levels to retrieve an upgrade that would allow him to copy the weapons of defeated enemy robots.

Also known as: Dr. Melvin Ploppy, MD

Some people have the worst sense of timing, and Dr. Ploppy is one of them. In a time where the last remains of humanity live in fear of a powerful supercomputer's legions, he decided he wanted to be a supervillain. With no superheroes to oppose him, he could easily claim enough power and materials to construct himself a mighty villainous army with which to pester people. The arrival of Crash and Bass, and their crusade against crime, was the moment Dr. Ploppy had been waiting for. His first attempt to establish himself as their archnemesis proved a tragic failure, but he's a persistent guy.

During the construction of his first own series of robot masters, the series to which Crash belonged, Dr. Wily ended up with some spare parts of both Flashman and Crashman. He fused them together and created Clashman: a robot with the abilities of both the robots he was based on. Furthermore, the combination of Flashman's Time-Stopper and Crashman's Crash Bombs created a volatile new weapon known as the Time-Crasher: tearing holes in spacetime, it allows the wielder to travel to any given point in time and space, though the carelessness with which Dr. Wily put together Clashman caused the weapon to be highly unpredictable. When all his robot masters were defeated by Megaman, Dr. Wily decided that sending out Clashman was a waste of time, and stored him in his Rejected Robots Storage Chamber. 200 Years later, Clashman escaped from his pod with a desire to avenge himself against Crash and Flashman for not proving themselves worthy, and Dr. Wily for locking him away all this time. He initiated a plan that would end in Wily's death, but when he searched for Crash to complete his revenge, he found that the robot had escaped to the future. Clashman followed, disrupting Crash and Bass's plan to prevent the war with X, and destroyed all their time-travelling technology. Now Clashman is the only one left with the ability to travel through time, and he has joined forces with X...

Also known as: Megaman X

In a future that now never happened, Dr. Light's creation would have been the first of a race of peaceful, advanced robots known as reploids. Dr. Wily has once sent Bass to attempt to steal the prototype for X's brain, but Bass would've failed at this. History was rewritten when Clashman gave Dr. Wily the plans to Whisp, a reploid spy design stolen from the future. Whisp stole X's brain and delivered it back to Wily, who connected it to his lab's central computer in an attempt to analyze it. X reacted to this as if his brain had been placed in the reploid shell it was meant to be in, and assumed control of the whole complex. When Wily then forced X to break the first rule of robotics, "a robot must never harm a human being", X became convinced that humans were inferior to robots, and rebelled. He murdered Wily and transferred his consciousness to a fortress in the nuclear desert, from where he launched an attack on the whole of humanity using drones based on his own body's design. But before he could destroy the last human city, Megalopolis, he became preoccupied with the idea that Dr. Wily's programming was still inherently present in his personality. Loathing the idea that a human still held influence over him, he retreated all his forces back to his fortress and began purging his systems, a process that would take decades. When this is done, he will no doubt finally wipe humanity off the face of the earth.

Also known as: Priapus, Betsy Rollins, Cliff Diamond and the Manimal

The last living rock band in an apocalyptic future? Who knows.

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